Sutton Christian School was established in 1981. A group of men with a passion for Christian education came together and began to plan. They acquired a building, an administrator, and a teacher to make their dream a reality. They slowly began to enroll a few students, gaining in size with each preliminary year. SCS has taught a generation of students and is just beginning to teach its second.



SCS Groundbreaking 1981
Sutton Christian is a private school supported entirely through tuition, fundraisers, and donations. The school offers preschool through grade eight and supports seven teachers, some part time and some full time. Several of the grade levels at SCS are combined. Preschool and kindergarten are offered three days a week.

Since SCS is a Christian school, our curriculum and our philosophy of education both reflect the theme of Christ. Each subject is taught from a Christian worldview understanding that Christ is Creator and Sustainer of the universe. We also view our students as image-bearers of God. This means we seek to foster in them attributes like goodness, wisdom, truthfulness, and love, while also requiring of them the respect and obedience that God commands.